Why Is My iPhone Not Charging? Easy Fix

I am an iPhone user from long time and i have already faced iPhone won’t charge issue 2 to 3 times. I have tried some solutions myself to fix iPhone not charging issue. If you are also facing the same, then you should read and try the fixes mentioned in the article.

iphone not charging

Your iPhone is everything that you own and deserve. You have taken pains to manage a brand that the world respects. But, suddenly, if it fails to charge. It is just a nightmare beyond words. However, you need to keep your cool as freaking out will only add further trouble. To ensure that your iPhone works perfectly, the post highlights effective methods so that you fix your iPhone not charging problem right in the comforts of home. 

But before that, let us know the causes of iphone not charging. Prevention is indeed better than cure. So when you know the causes, you rarely need to fix your iPhone not charging issue. Following are the ways that stop your iPhone from charging. They are easy and simple:-

  • Incompatible power adapter 
  • Damage due to liquid 
  • Dirty or damaged charging port 
  • USB charger isn’t suitable for charging the device 
  • Charging accessory is either defective or damaged and is of substandard quality

How To Fix iPhone Won’t Charge?

iPhones have become an inseparable commodity in our lives. But they don’t come with a power adapter. So do ensure that you get one from authorized customer care as they are sold by Apple. Although it is tempting to get an off-brand charging cable, you end up paying more while facing inconvenience. Since they are mostly not compatible with iPhones and damage the phone too. 

Check iPhone Charging Cable And Adapter

Check iPhone Charging Cable And Adapter

Things in constant use do indeed develop wear and tear. In the case of iPhone charging cables, they are likely to wear out than the actual handset. So, look for the possible signs of damage in the form of exposed or broken wires or any breakage around the connectors. So, while using an iPhone to charge, even when things look normal to the naked eye, try charging with a different cable to address charging issues.

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Clean Your Charging Port If iPhone Charging Port Not Working

Clean Your Charging Port If iPhone Charging Port Not Working

iphone’s charging port is quite prone to attracting dust and dirt irrespective of the place you keep your iphone such as in the pocket, holster, purse or backpack. You can use a magnifying glass to easily check inside the port. Even the camera of your colleagues, friends, or relatives iPhone can help you see things easily.  

You should know that lint is likely to accumulate in the little opening and as it does, then be prepared to face the charging issue as it may have stopped charging. Since it prevents the connection between the charging cable and the iPhone. So, what you need to do is to cautiously clean the charging port by spraying compressed air to remove the dust forcefully. You can also use a thin wooden toothpick but never try to use a paperclip to avoid the danger it may cause to the pins or charging port. Additionally, avoid cleaning with a liquid.

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Restart your iPhone

restart iphone

Never be negative and say that your iPhone won’t charge. Since it can’t get easier than a simple reboot which eventually removes any software glitches to make your phone function in a normal manner. Simply, press and hold either the power button or volume button till you get to see the “Slide to Power Off’ option on the screen. ‘Right’ swipe the slider to turn your phone off. After waiting for a few minutes, press and hold the power button so that your iPhone is back again and working. Hence, you just know one of the ways to fix an iPhone. So, the next time you plug your charging cable, hopefully, it can charge. 

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Update The Software To Resolve iPhone Not Charging

Another reason why your iPhone won’t charge is that it needs a software update. So, it is important to update the software since outdated software may interfere with your phone and hamper charging while being plugged. Your phone should be using the latest version of iOS operating system. So, you remove the issue of iPhone isn’t charging when plugged

Reset Your iPhone’s Settings

Now, if you have come so far but you can’t fix an iPhone that won’t charge, then reset the settings of your iPhone. You should know that it will erase the personalized settings of your iPhone but your important documents in the form of apps, videos, photos, and music will be untouched. Here’s how to do it:-

  • Once you open your iPhone and tap “Settings”
  • Tap ‘General’ and then Tap ‘Reset’ 
  • Select ‘Reset All Settings’ 
  • Now, your phone is subjected to reset and hopefully, it works now. So charge again

Contact Customer Care

Despite rigorously following the above steps, if you end up getting no positive results as it is not charging when plugged, then you should know that your battery is at fault or there is damage to the iPhone. There is a possibility that drops of water may have entered inside or the connector pins are damaged/ bent or your phone has accidentally dropped several times. So, get in touch with a professional from the nearby Apple Store who will diagnose and repair it accordingly.

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Finally, once you have read the aforesaid post, you get help with wireless charging. So, if you want your iphone to charge smoothly, then follow the above steps and if required rebooting your iPhone also helps. You also need to remember that there should be firm connections between your charging cable. Use your iPhone cautiously and handle it with care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Iphone Plug Not Charging?

There are many possible reasons why iPhone isn’t able to hold a charge. The charging port may have lint or debris that doesn’t let the phone charge. Even a substandard charging cable is also the culprit that easily wear and tear. Now, try charging your iPhone again, hopefully, it works now. 

Why Isn’t My Iphone Turning On?

If you notice that your iPhone isn’t turning on, then charge it for an hour to try again. In case, your phone is showing a low-charge battery, then inspect the hardware that may be the culprit here. When in spite of charging again, if it fails to turn on, then contact customer care. 

It is important to charge your phone between 20% and 80%. Don’t let your iPhone to charge past 80. Thus, the suggestions for a long battery life lie in avoiding the extreme percentage either way. Don’t wait for the battery to reach 0% and charge to 100%. This is where the feature called “Optimised Battery Charging” is beneficial. Never place the iPhone to charge overnight as it charges to 100%. So charging at 80 percent is advisable and for anything beyond, you may be compromising on its life. 

So here is the end of the article. I hope that by following the steps mentioned in the article to fix the iPhone not charging issue, your issue will be resolved, and you will be able to use the iPhone. If you are still facing the issue, then kindly comment below. Our team will help you to solve the issue.

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