Theragun Battery Not Charging?(Easy fix)

The Theragun has shown the sensitivity of fitness freaks who are extremely loyal to their relaxation and muscle recovery tool. Thanks to the technological invention which is based on percussive therapy, it has become quite a hot-selling product among gym-going people, athletes as well as the general masses.

More so, it provides instant relief from the muscle cramps and soreness that create serious pain. Similarly, the electronic device needs constant care especially, as the Theragun Battery Not Charging issue may crop up at times. 

Theragun Battery Not Charging

Theragun Battery Overcharging

Many don’t realize that overcharging more than the stipulated 8 hours necessary for Theragun may bring serious long-term issues (if not instant or immediate ones). It may even reduce the power-holding capacity of the battery too.

A fully charged device can operate for many days to provide the necessary muscle relaxation in specific areas of the body. Look closely at the LED screen of Theragun, during the charging mode. So, once it is completed, it flashes, so you know it is time it is time to unplug the battery. 

Check the socket or power adapter

While you check the battery along with the device, look at the power adapter. There have been many times when the fault has originated in the socket or power adapter which results in the Theragun Battery Not Working.

Turn Off

While charging the battery, ensure that Theragun is turned off for maximum results and to ensure its long life. Since you don’t want your battery to experience any sort of unnecessary burden or effect while being energized.


Devices work and respond optimally during room temperature. Hene, ensure that they do not come under direct sunlight or inclement temperatures ever. 

Issues arising in the software or firmware

Do you know that the charging may adversely be affected due to the presence of bugs or glitches in the operating system? Yes, indeed. It creates hurdles in the proper charging of the battery. 

So, what to do?

Update the firmware or software to the latest version that the manufacturer has released. This step will get the device back on track while addressing the Theragun Battery Not Charging issue perfectly.

Refrain from using metal surfaces in particular

Batteries when coming in contact with metal will end up damaging the device. Since there is a possibility of a short circuit arising due to positive and negative contacts. The situation is a strict No-No, as it just degrades the battery. So, be mindful of the circumstances.

So, if there is the Theragun Battery Not Charging, then recall whether it was due to coming across the metallic surface recently, as it may have resulted in internal equipment getting damaged due to shorts. 

Not getting professionalized assistance during repair

theragun battery not working

Another issue of Theragun Battery Not Charging may be due to unprofessional repair that is without taking care of properly assembling or disassembling the equipment. You may not realize this, but this indirectly harms the battery by reducing its power to charge properly.

Furthermore, this also makes the warranty period null and void. So, always get the repair done by a certified professional who will always value the device and he won’t use any defective materials (during repair) that may otherwise malfunction. 

Take care of the charger

As a dutiful owner, you need to be very cautious regarding the placement of the charger. If it is not in use, then the best is to remove it so that you avoid overheating. Similarly, accidental water or liquid spills should also be avoided. 

Where to keep?

It is important to keep it in a cool and dry place to ensure its safety. It should also be away from the pin-pointed objects as well.

Check the cable

The issue of Theragun Battery Not Charging crops up when the battery is not getting the desired power in the first case, through the charger. So, the charger has to be in the best of condition without experiencing any wear and tear in the process. In the event of a wireless charger, it should be free from moisture, dirt, or debris. 

Go for certified chargers

Do you know the Theragun Battery Not Charging issue may also crop up due to using uncertified or cheap chargers? Hence, always go for the certified or recommended charger for Theragun. It is a Big No to go for any random USB connectors or cigarette lighter charges that will only compound your problem by degrading the battery. 

Theragun Battery Replacement

By following the troubleshooting steps and still not able to resolve the issue, you have to go for battery replacement.

Carefully handle the device

Theragun Battery Not Charging

Do you know many users unknowingly force the device out of the charger? Yes, but such a delicate device needs soft hands to be handled. Yes, Theragun needs careful consideration. It includes cautiously taking out the plug from the charger. A conducive temperature between 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 104 degrees Fahrenheit is considered an ideal one.

Anything beyond that is going to adversely affect the battery for sure. Even humid places that have a high content of water in the air should be avoided as it may dampen the internal electrical components of the battery by damaging it beyond repair.

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What is the average run-time of the battery after a full charge?

The battery of Theragun lasts between two and three hours from a full charge. It is best recommended to use for a small period of time, not more than two minutes per muscle as this is enough for health reasons.

In spite of taking all due steps, if the issue of Theragun Battery Not Charging still persists, then you need to get in touch with an expert. If the device is still under warranty, then the best you should do is to contact the manufacturer for the available replacement options. 

After you have gone through the aforesaid tips, you are now in a better position to get the solution for Theragun Battery Not Charging.

Always remember that a broken charger has by far become the most obvious and common problem that users unknowingly encounter themselves. But, having complete knowledge regarding the possible circumstances and situations is always an added advantage.

Here is the end of article, i hope you followed all the mentioned steps and able to resolve the issue.

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