Philips Sonicare Not Charging? (Here is the fix)

Are you facing philips sonicare not charging issue? You need to check the troubleshooting steps mentioned that we have shared in this article. I have also faced philips sonicare toothbrush not charging issue few days ago, so decided to share tips to resolve philips sonicare won’t charge issue.

Electronic products have made our lives easy, quick, and meaningful, as we depend heavily on them. One of the proofs is the electrical toothbrush, namely ‘The Sonicare’ from Philips, that operates through a rechargeable battery. So, if one morning, while you are just preparing yourself to reach the office on time, you happen to find the battery-operated brush not working. It does make you frustrated. But can the Philips Sonicare Not Charging issue be addressed, provided that the circuit board and the battery are already working?

philips sonicare not charging

Let’s look at the steps to finding the solution for Philips Sonicare Not Charging.

Philips Sonicare Not Charging Troubleshooting Steps –

Use alternative power source

Does your toothbrush fail to charge despite being plugged in? Don’t worry. There is a possibility that the outlet may have specific issues. So, use another one and check whether it can address the Philips Sonicare Not Charging.

Issue. If there was an issue with the first outlet, then this time, the LED light will light up. However, if the issue persists, move further with the next step.

philips sonicare not charging

What if the device has caught up with moisture?

Unplug the charger. Yes, remove the charger from the socket. There is a possibility of moisture that the device may have caught up with. So, wipe the charger’s surface with a cloth to clean it and let it dry. Never place the charger in the path of sunlight as it may interfere with the recommended room temperature, thus further heating it and degrading the battery. After the charger is dried, plug it in and check if the Philips Sonicare Not Charging issue is addressed. Still, if the problem continues, it is time that the circuit board or the rechargeable battery is depleted. This is the time when the toothbrush has to be replaced. Since they can’t be changed as the board is interconnected in a way where removing them will damage the device altogether

Only use the specific charger that comes with the model.

Do you know that Sony has an associated and dedicated specific charger meant to be used for the model they come with? One of Philips Sonicare’s Not Charging issues originates from a mismatched charger. It does not turn out to be compatible, leading to issues that may badly affect the product’s functioning. So, charging the product with the original charger you have with the battery-operated brush is a must. Even though you may be tempted to use the charger of your family members, again, you can’t afford to damage the battery with an incompatible charger.

Your charging cord or adapter has any visible signs of damage.

Look for any visible signs of damage in terms of wear and tear in the charging adapter or cord, as this can also create the issue of Philips Sonicare Not Charging. You can get another one from the authorized store only since electronic products need your extra care as only the certified extensions ensure their proper working and extend their life. 

Ensure that the toothbrush is charging correctly. 

The toothbrush is recommended to be centrally placed on the charger. So the user has to take extreme care, whether using a pad, glass or charging stand for the same. The proper position may make the difference in providing a solution to Philips Sonicare Not Charging. The users get the confirmation of correct placement through two short beeps, or the indicators light up. Never place the charger on a metal surface to ensure a smooth charging.

Suppose none of the above steps fail to solve the Philips Sonicare Not Charging issue. In that case, there is the possibility of internal damage. So, contact the authorized and certified agent, as they are none other than the customer care of Philips, who will assist you with the best available remedial ways. The next move will be based on whether the device has a warranty period. 

What is the run time of Sonicare’s Toothbrush battery?

They run on an average of two weeks based on your two-minute session twice daily. Still, it depends on the extent of usage you have. Sonicare toothbrushes have many users from across the globe, considering the convenience they offer towards cleaning as they work quickly for the manual ones.

philips sonicare not charging

Charging Time

There are many cases where Philips Sonicare is Not Charging due to a lack of proper charging time, as many users underestimate the “actual” time they have incurred in charging the same. An ideal way is to properly charge it for 24 hours if everything from the plug to the charger is entirely operational. The users get an authentication through the flashing indicator light on the charging mode. The light flashes once the charging mode is on. Still, it is unnecessary to continue flashing for the whole charging period. 

Outside Interference

Sometimes, the closeness to the metal surface hampers the charging ability. If that is the case, ensure the charger is shifted away. Now, check the desired results. Use a non-metal surface to place the charger.

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Philips Sonicare Not Charging Customer Support

Philips Sonicare Not Charging Customer Support

If the philips sonicare not charging issue is still not resolved then we must check with customer support. Please find details below


Final Thoughts

Finally, the post above has highlighted the steps and troubleshooting methods that the users need to follow in their journey of Philips Sonicare Not Charging issue. The electric toothbrush provides the solution to those who have susceptible teeth. It also helps to avoid the build-up of tartar or plaque. The user has to charge it simply; this is just a tiny piece of effort about the convenience you get in return. The Sonicare brush works exceptionally well on the areas without creating any sort of pressure. While experiencing a newfound way of bruising, you feel a sense of freshness that lasts for hours together.

I hope after following all the steps, you might have resolved Philips Sonicare Not Charging issue. If the issue still occurs kindly comment below. Our team will try to help as soon as possible.

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