Minirig Not Charging [Solved]

Technology has witnessed a massive leap in advancement with sophisticated products, services, and, of course, more accessible troubleshooting procedures to overcome problems. I am specifically talking about the mining not charging issue that you can find a solution to through the following post. 

About Minirig

Music is a fodder to eliminate monotony and boredom in life. Minirig are portable speakers that haven’t made any compromises on performance and quality. The users can proudly listen to loud volume. They are easy to carry while taking minimal space, so you eventually find it convenient to take them wherever you go. 

Electronic products are also subjected to charging-related issues. If you are facing charging problems, there is no need for you to be frustrated. You may need to solve it professionally. So, let’s now consider Minirg not setting issue:-

Why Is My Minirig Not Charging?

When you are troubleshooting the exact cause of Minirig Not Charging, there are various possible causes. Through the following post, you can see detailed information that gives you a sense of confidence as you can try the one that suits your situation. 

Common Causes of Minirig Not Charging

Every component has its life, and explicitly talking about batteries in Minirig, you need to replace them with a new battery after some time, depending on the usage. You need to buy a new one, in such a case. Also, if the device was kept idle for a long time, then it shouldn’t be surprising for you to experience that the battery can’t hold a charge at all. 

The device fails to receive adequate power from its power source.

It can be due to the charging port malfunctioning. Since it can’t establish, proper contact with the charger or your charger is weak. 

How Do You Rectify The Minirig Not Charging Issue?

While facing the Minirig Not Charging issue, you need to look for possible solutions. 

Check The Current Status Of The Charger

Your charger needs to be correctly functioning so that your device gets the required power. Just to be double sure about the same, you can plug Minirig directly into the power source or try a different charger. Hopefully, it should work, but if it doesn’t, then look for any wear-and-tear signs on the charging port. You can easily replace the same if you feel that it needs replacement. You can also try using a different charger to know what is wrong. 

Reset Minirig

It is time to factory reset. So, before you reset it, simply unpair any minirig device from Bluetooth settings. Now, follow the below steps:-

  • Your Minirig is turned off, and there are no cables plugged in.
  • Press the LED button for roughly 20 seconds or so, and you hear a pop-up originating from your LED light turning yellow or red.
  • The moment you see the LED turn yellow, move your fingers away.
  • As the Minirig is still coming up with Yellow or Red, it is time to press the button again. (Here, you don’t need to hold pushing for long) 
  • You won’t see the LED, as the device is now ready to use based on the reset you have done.

Use The Correct Power Adapter

Nothing matters more than being safe and secure since you never know that any immature decision may even cause a fire or explosion. Additionally, it is essential to keep the device at a distance from flammable objects or moisture, especially while it is charging.

Ensure That The Proper Power Adapter Is Used.

A mismatch of the voltage may also be a culprit. So, your charger should emit power in line with the required voltage settings that your Minirig device needs. Hence, protect yourself and the loved ones around you with a properly functioning minirig that you’ll love to use for your daily tasks. 

Minirig Port Should Be Compatible.

The compatibility factor is significant for smooth operations. Likewise, the minirig port should be compatible with the charger to provide adequate power to the device. Ensure the same, as you don’t want to feel sad or remorseful at the eleventh hour. Isn’t it?

The Minirig Battery Needs Replacement

It would help if you kept the battery at a suitable charge level to eliminate the risk of either overcharging or draining it altogether. As a Minirig user, you can easily calculate the lifespan of its battery. It depends on the extent of use. It is regarded to effectively work to its optimum for two years or 500 charge cycles (which is earlier). It is advisable to read the associated instructions to operate your mining professionally. This will eventually give you a bigger room to lengthen its life span while understanding the proper mechanism to charge and use it properly. 

Get Customer Support

Minirig customer support eventually gives an apparent reason that helps you to restore the minimum supply, provided you don’t undergo any damage to the components. Or else you need replacement. For example, if the cable into the mining develops wear and tear, then it’s likely to be replaced, and you’re going to purchase a new one from the authorized store. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Minirig Won’t Charge

Why is Minirig not charging?

Minirig not charging issue can be due to a variety of reasons in the form of improper voltage setting meant for Minirig, faulty power adapter, charging cable, charging port, or substandard battery 

What is the recommended charging cable suited to mining?

The charging cable needs to be compatible with the power adapter and the minirig port. Here, you require a specific type of cable as per your device. 

What should be done when Minirig fails to respond to any one of the above steps?

If the minirig is not charging, despite following the detailed steps, then you need to either replace the battery or purchase the device. It is better to get in touch with customer care, who can accordingly advise on the desired troubleshooting steps that you have either followed yourself or are likely to follow based on the instructions you get. 

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