MacBook Battery Not Charging? Here is the fix

Are you facing an MacBook battery not charging issue recently? If yes, then you must read and apply the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the article.

You are a proud owner of a MacBook as you can travel with it anywhere. You can unplug it and take it too far and near. Now, what if it significantly becomes useless, as it is unable to hold the charge? It will just be a nightmare when the MacBook won’t charge.

I am the apple user from long time and i have already faced similar kind of issue on ipad pro won’t charge, apple pencil is not charging. This kind of issues are common and I got good knowledge on how to resolve the charging issues.

What Are The Causes Of MacBook Battery Not Charging?

macbook battery not charging

MacBook charger is prone to heating even with regular use. So, if it is accidentally placed in areas such as pillows, beds, or sofas, then it may result in heating due to poor ventilation. So, the moment you realize, unplug it and use it only after some time, when it is perfectly normal. 

Check whether the battery and power adapter are in proper condition; batteries, once they age, lose their power-holding capacity and become less effective. 

Due to an issue with macOS that results in the battery not charging fully

How To Fix MacBook Battery Not Charging Issue?

Troubleshoot a MacBook (Restart)

Rebooting is an exercise that activates the hardware and makes it accessible from glitches and bugs. So, once you experience the issue of the MacBook not charging, restart it. It is recommended as a primary means to ascertain if there is a temporary software glitch that is stopping the charging system from working. It is possible that it can reset the hardware and address the prevailing issue:-

  • Click the logo of Apple that you can see on the top left corner of the screen.
  • Click Restart.
  • Please wait for the reboot to happen, and once it is completed, charge the Mac again.

Ensure There Is Power To The Charger If The Mac Is Not Recharging

Check whether your charging cable is gaining power and whether it is working or not. To ensure everything is perfect, simply plug the charger into a different outlet. It is even better to try another charger to eliminate any doubts that you have.

Check The Power Outlet To Ensure Charging When Plugged

Check the power outlet, whether it is working fine or not, by simply plugging in any electrical equipment.

Take Note Of High-power Consumption Apps

optimize macbook apps for battery performance

In the case of high-power applications such as video editing software or video games, your Mac stops charging. This is done to drive focus on “powering” the apps so that they function smoothly. In case the app drains the battery very quickly, then pause the apps so that your Mac starts to charge the battery again. If you switch off the Mac, you will realize that the adapter will be charging the Mac way quickly. 

Look For Battery-draining Apps To Increase Battery Life

Many users need to be more careful regarding the apps that act as the most significant impediment in draining the battery. Yes, I am talking about the battery-draining apps. So uninstall the ones that you don’t need. 

Closely Look At The Health Of The Charging Cable

Closely check every inch of the power cable as it gives the reason for the charging of your Macbook laptop. Don’t compromise on the broken spots or stains that you can easily find with your naked eyes on the cable, so replace it. 

Reset The Smc (System Management Controller)

Resetting the SMC helps resolve the issues arising out of battery and charging. It can be done once you shut down the MacBook Pro and connect the power adapter while holding the Shift+Control+Option+Power Buton for roughly 10-12 seconds. Now, release the key while turning on the MacBook Pro. The timely efforts of the users derive beautiful results, provided they are technically proficient and knowledgeable to address the issue.

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Contact Apple Support

If the above mentioned step in the article are not working for you then you must contact apple support for further help. If the MacBook is in warranty then kindly take benefit of repairing it at free of cost.

Also check out apple guide on macbook battery health, this will help you to analyse issue further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My MacBook Battery Not Charging?

Ask yourself whether your MacBook is consuming high power to address high-performance levels. If yes, then it uses more power than what the power source can provide. So, considering the high usage of power, it may not be charging when plugged altogether.

Why Is My Battery Not Charging My MacBook?

There is a possibility that the charging cable is damaged, loose, or not properly plugged. Even there is an aspect of dirt with the charging ports that clogs dirt and debris to prevent and results in your MacBook battery not charging.  

How Do I Force My MacBook To Charge?

The technical feature, namely Optimised Battery Charging, when enabled, may delay charging beyond 80% in many situations, even when the power adapter is connected for an extended period. The feature is a well-laid-down strategy that is entirely normal and especially done to optimize the overall life of the Mac battery. In case you want to charge your Mac fully, click the battery icon in the menu bar followed by clicking Charge to Full now. 

How Do I Know If My Dead MacBook Is Charging?

Once you connect the charger, the technical specifications are easy to understand. If the light goes green, then it indicates that the battery is fully charged. However, if it glows amber, this indicates two things: either the battery is charging, or it is on hold. So you can accordingly get to know. 

How Do I Fix My MacBook That Won’t Charge Or Turn On?

Usually, it is a matter of frustration when your MacBook won’t charge or turn on. But, if you keep calm and troubleshoot steps, then it works wonders. For example, check the power connection, press and hold the power button, and restart your MacBook. Intel-based Mac users can reset the SMC or contact support as a last resort.

Finally, you don’t have to be frustrated even if your MacBook is experiencing charging issues. The above guide helps you with the steps to troubleshoot. The easy-to-follow guide assists even a non-technical person in resolving the problem. So, get the perfect solution quickly. It is a challenging situation to experience ‘no charging’ after plugging the charger on a MacBook with a low battery. Now, you know different possible troubleshooting methods. So, now you are far more confident to approach battery charging possibilities with professionalism and dedication. 

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