Joycon Won’t Charge? (Here is the fix)

Hey, are you worried that your gaming will stop because Joycon Won’t Charge. Not to worry, I have followed below troubleshooting steps which solved the joycon charging issue.

Ask any gamer about the level of frustration the issue of Joycon Not Charging brings, and they will have an emotional outburst. After all, there have been various issues of late where the Joycon won’t charge issue has come to the fore.

The problem becomes more with the Left JoyCon (comparably). The following post specifically mentions tips and suggestions so that you can restore functionality by solving the Joycon Not Charging issue. 

Joycon Won't Charge

Clean the Console and JoyCons

JoyCion Not Charging can be due to the accumulation of dust and dirt particles over a period where the console and joy-cons need immediate introspection. Clean them up, as it will pave the way to charge smoothly.

Let’s now take a look at the suggested methods:-

With soft brush

A new brush is in your hands. Start with a gentle clean-up exercise on the console to move further to joycon. If you are impatient, this is not for you since the internal components are exceptionally delicate, and even a slightly rough hand will damage you.

With Water

Take a cotton cloth and slightly wet it with a bit of water. Wring it to remove excess water. Now gently wipe and clean both and wait till they are completely dry

joycon not charging

Re-Attach the JoyCon

The issue takes aback many users, as they least expected, but instead of giving in to the frustration and anger, simply detach both the JoyCon controllers. So, it will help to streamline. Wait 15-20 seconds and re-attach them back to check if they are operating fine.

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Update the console’s firmware.

To go for “update,” ensure the battery is at least 80% to remove any issues at the last hour. 

Let’s now take a look at the steps:-

  • Go to the main menu and Open the “System Settings.”
  • Tap “System” from the number of opinions you can see.
  • Select “System Update” to complete the update process.
  • A software update is like giving a new strength to the system. When that happens, it removes the issue of bugs while providing the solution to the JoyCon Not Charging. 

For safety, it is always important to periodically update the firmware as and when the Nintendo Switch releases it.

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Use JoyCon Charging Grip

Get a JoyCon Charging Grip for your console if you still face the issue of the Joycon won’t charge. The JoyCon charging grip charges the controllers simultaneously, making the game more efficient and exciting. It has to be turned off before the beginning of charging your controllers. Attach them to the grip and plug them into the Switch dock. You will be pleased to see that they have begun charging. Likewise, it helps you surround yourself with some exciting games that can uplift your dull mood and continue to give you the best company of a friend.

Joycon Won't Charge

Calibrate JoyCon

Due to Joycon not charging, it is essential to calibrate it. This addresses the prevailing issue so the console can work perfectly with the commands getting their due response. 

  • Simply move to System Settings, then Controllers and Sensors, and finally to Calibrate Control Sticks
  • You are on the screen where the list of on-screen instructions will be adhered to for controller calibration. Finally, it should work now. 

Damage due to moisture

Unlike your expectations, the Nintendo Switch or the associated controllers should be taken from the moisture since it damages the devices slowly. Similarly, you should keep it secure from accidental water spills as well. Since such problems may very well be the cause of Joycon won’t charge issue.

Inspect the Joycons

If there is a problem with the hardware, then the Joycon Not Charging issue will be there. Even though there is a grim chance that internal components are damaged, it pays to visit the authorized service center. It is essential to get in touch with the official support team, who, through their years of experience, can better empower and enlighten you with the issue. If the console is recently purchased, and based on your warranty period, you stand a chance to get it replaced as well.

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Joycon Won’t Charge Frequently Asked Questions :-

What is the best way to check the run-time of JoyCon battery life?

As the JoyCon is connected to the Switch console, simply tapping on the “Controllers” will help you to check the left run time of both Console and JoyCons.

What is the average run time of JoyCons?

joycon not charging

A fully charged Joycon has an average time of 20 hours, but again, it depends on the kind of usage. 

What to do if it accidentally gets wet?

Unplug it immediately and power it off right at the moment. Indeed, moisture, liquid, or water can seriously malfunction the hardware. If the water has percolated in the internal components, wait for it to dry completely.
If, at any point in time, you feel that you can’t handle the operations of internal components, then take the assistance of a professional who will do the job for you since they are not just experts but also empowered with various tools meant to do your job.

Never turn it back if the controller or console still has moisture inside. You have to be very patient till you are sure about its dryness.
Shut down the system with the long press. 

The little drops of water you may see on the back, side, or screen can easily be wiped off. So, ensure that the outer surface doesn’t have any wetness.

If you patiently follow the above steps, you can address the Joycon not charging issue quickly to resume your most loved and appreciated game as soon as possible. 

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