IPad Pro Not Charging? (Here is the fix)

iPad maintains a traditional way of charging and the issue of Ipad Pro Not Charging expands to several factors in the form of its faulty charger, cable, port, or the device itself. For an iPad Pro, the issue of software often reflects in poor battery.

Either there is the problem of Ipad Pro Not Charging altogether, or it charges very slowly, due to another program running in the background. Therefore, it is important to close various running apps only to restart the iPad and force restart, to give respite from many software-related issues. 

Let’s now take a look at the following Ipad Pro Not Charging issues:-

Update iPadOS

Software is the lifeline for any device and when it comes to the iPad, then iPadOS is the latest version that iPad Pro has released for smooth operations. Apple has rightly taken the lesson from its earlier version of iOS 11 which was surrounded by battery-related problems due to substandard software which has at that time necessitated the company to release a new update soon after. A renowned brand like Apple comes across new updates to ensure easy and smooth operations.

Ipad Pro Not Charging issue may also be due to the software bugs that hamper the smooth functions of the device to the extent that it blocks the charging functions. So, always check for the latest update to install it to ensure smooth operations.

More information on updating ipad os is checked on site.

Check the Charger

ipad pro faulty charger

There needs to be constant power at the recommended level to charge your iPadOS. But what will happen if there is any variation in power? Well, no doubt that it will damage the iPad to the point that it may stop charging altogether. You need to follow below steps:-

  • Try charging on the different wall socket and then compare it with the charging you do with the USB port on the laptop. The comparison will give you the solution of the specific charger working in an optimum manner. 
  • Secondly, use a charger that is officially released, certified, and recommended by Apple. You should know that Apple has dedicated specific power adapters for the devices in terms of the exact wattage needed such as 5W, 12W, 30W etc. In case you use the wrong adapter, then it may result in a slow charge or it may stop charging altogether.

Thoroughly examine the charging cable

Ipad Pro Not Charging can also be due to ordinary cables which although look in perfect shape, but deep inside hampers the smooth passage of current that goes to charge the device. In order to be sure, use an alternative Apple-certified cable.

The new USB-C port should be free from lint, dirt, or dust and the best you can do is to use the compressed air or antistatic brush. You have to realize that the components such as metal pins are very delicate and soft, so cautiously move towards the cleaning process.

Do a Factory Reset

After checking on the charging accessories, it is time for you to reset the software on your iPad Pro. So, once you take a backup of the device, reset the network settings which is recommended, or you can reset your complete settings too. 

In the event, your iPad Pro still experiences the issue of Ipad Pro Not Charging, then you need to go with the DFU mode to restore it.  So that all your software and firmware are reloaded on the device, for smooth operations. 

Be careful with the iPad’s Temperature

ipad temperature

iPads are devices that work between the temperature 0 and 35 Celsius or 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This is an ideal temperature that is recommended. However, in temperatures that go beyond the specified limits, it may develop snag or malfunctions or the battery doesn’t provide suitable results. 

What should you do?

Always create an ambiance that gives a suited temperature to your iPad. For example, if it is too hot, then place it in a dry and cool place, and vice versa

iPad Pro doesn’t charge fully

Are you wondering why your device doesn’t charge to 100%? Well, there can be various reasons:-

  • The battery over a period of time has heated up due to playing high-graphic games which has then damaged it
  • iPad Pro Not Charging can also be due to software-related issues or facing inclement temperatures that periodically damage the battery while hampering it from charging fully. 

How to revive a dead iPad?

Long press the home button as well as the power button for roughly 10 seconds or so, until the Apple logo appears. That being said, if the screen doesn’t lighten up, then there is a chance that your iPad is fully drained out and you have to plug it up overnight to charge it. In this way, you can get the solution for Ipad Pro Not Charging.

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Never consider charging through your computer

You have an old model computer. Do you know that it can’t generate enough power to charge an iPad? Many don’t realize that it actually creates the iPad Pro Not Charging issue. You can even see the message “Not Charging” if you are using an older PC to charge your iPad. You should know that iPad needs comparably more power than iPhones and naturally, it has to take a longer duration of time.

It is best not to use the device while in charging mode, as it needs additional power or it may lose the connection to charge too. It is important to make the best use of the adapter, that you get along with the iPad for recharging purposes. 

In such cases, the iPad is good, but the problem arises with the USB port, which fails to generate enough power. For example, the connectors present in laptops or desktops etc fail to to generate the 10 watts recommended power to charge iPad Pro. Apple mentions the recommended 10-watt power adaptor to charge, while less powered devices may take longer duration. 

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Final Thoughts

If you have come so far and the problem of Ipad Pro Not Charging still persists, then the best you can do is to contact Apple Support who may device solutions. If the device is under warranty, then you can even get a replacement for your device.

After all, the iPad Pro is a highly renowned product from Apple that has created world prestige thanks to its expensive price tag. It is certainly not worth if the users are unable to charge it.

So, act wisely and empower yourself with the recommended tips to make your journey and association with the iPad Pro memorable and exciting. 


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