Iniu Power Bank Not Charging? Fix Now

Hey, are you facing an Iniu power bank not charging issue? Then you must check out this detailed article from understanding to resolving the power bank not charging issue.

Whether or wherever we are, power banks give us a sense of relief that our digital interaction and association with the rest of the world is practically possible. Yes, I am talking about how our tablets, smartphones, etc., are significantly used and operated, especially as we travel or when charging the devices through the power sockets is practically impossible.

Iniu Power Bank Not Charging

Iniu power banks have gathered enough craze thanks to their innovative looks, sleek design, and sophisticated features. Iniu power banks store electrical energy, which is used to charge devices through USB connections. Their sizes vary, and so are their charging capabilities. Thanks to their multiple charging ports, they give users the convenience of charging many devices. However, it is also true that electronic items such as power banks are prone to specific problems where the charging issue is one big concern the users face.

The following post will show you the steps to finding the solution for the Iniu power bank not charging.

Charging Cable Is Faulty

A loose connection or a damaged charging cable won’t leave you at peace, no matter what. Yes, you heard it right. You will experience an Iniu power bank not charging issue. Hence, looking for any visible signs of wear and damage in the charging cable is essential. To get an uninterrupted and smooth power connection, you must ensure that the Cable is securely connected to the power bank and the power source.

Cross-check The Source Of Power

Connect another device to be double sure about the source of power that your power bank is getting. If the other device charges fine, then it is much of an indication that the power source is operating greatly.

Always Prefer Regular Wall Sockets Over Usb Ports

Iniu Power Bank Charging Port

Few people always depend on the USB port of their personal computer or laptop to charge the power bank. But they don’t realize that they are constantly degrading the power bank’s battery through such a convenient mode of powering since they are not meant to “power” your INIU power banks, etc. There are instances when they don’t even provide enough charge to the power banks. So, be very cautious in addressing the issue of the iniu power bank not charging.

Neither Drain The Power Bank Nor Overcharge It

Iniu Power Bank Not Charging

Overcharging the power bank is like minimizing the holding capacity of the battery by shortening its life. So, once it is fully charged, disconnect the power source. Likewise, please avoid using the battery once it is low. It shouldn’t be completely drained, as it may damage the battery’s cells. 

Level Of Battery

Do you know the power bank may not start charging until the battery reaches a specific threshold? Yes, if it has an alarmingly low battery level, then the only power bank not charging issue will arise. 

Sleep Mode

Few power banks save and conserve power and have the facility of sleep mode. However, if it is enabled during the charging process, it won’t charge the power bank. Yes, you heard it right. You have to awaken it manually. 

Clean The Charging Ports Regularly

There are times when dust or debris may accumulate in the charging port, thus obstructing the smooth passage of power. Hence, the best you need to do is clean the ports instantly with a soft brush or cloth. Even compressed air will help to remove the dust to give way to a proper connection so that you can solve the issue of the only power bank not charging.

Firmware Updates

Closely examine for any firmware updates released by INIU. It is essential for the company to install the latest software updates for smooth operations and to fix the issue of bugs or slow charging-related issues on a timely basis. 

INIU Customer Support

If you have come so far without getting the solution to the INIU power bank not charging issue, contact INIU customer support for further help. You can be assured of the best professional assistance. 

Defects In The Battery

Like any electronic equipment, even a power bank’s battery has a limited life. So, if it stops charging properly after the warranty period, then as part of the initial power bank not charging solution, you have to replace the battery as it has surpassed its age. 

Properly Go Through The User Manual.

Iniu Power Bank won't charge

To better understand the solution for the only power bank not charging, read the user manual (if you haven’t done so by now). Since it will empower you with valuable insights. Yes, the documentation has explained the steps in detail, as it contains instructions and troubleshooting steps meant to prolong the life of your prized power bank. 

What Is The Run Time Of A 1000Mah Iniu Power Bank?

A 1000mAh INIU power bank can run up to 10 hours in one throttle. But again, the prime significance lies in the way users use it. So, the quality of the battery, along with its prevailing condition, matters equally. 

It is very frustrating to encounter the only power bank not charging. Our lives are so excessively dependent on the conveniences offered by electronic gadgets and devices that we tend to face problems even if they aren’t operating well for a few minutes. However, thanks to the above post with various tips for encountering the issue, you are in a decent situation to find a solution.

Power banks may not charge due to overheating, faulty charging cable, power source not generating enough supply, etc. Hence, you are now able to address the issue adequately adequately.

After all, a properly maintained and looked-after power bank gives the best reason for your mobile devices to help you accomplish your professional or personal necessities perfectly.

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