Dyson Vacuum Not Charging? (Here is the fix)

Hey, are you facing dyson vacuum not charging issue. I have few troubleshooting steps which will help you to fix dyson vacuum won’t charge issue.

Isn’t it frustrating to see your Dyson vacuum cleaner powering off shortly after its use? It does, but keep cool since you don’t have to substitute it with a broom or dustpan. Simply follow the below troubleshooting methods to rectify the Dyson Vacuum Not Charging issue with perfection.

Dyson Vacuum Not Charging Troubleshooting Steps

Replace the charger

The Dyson Vacuum Not Charging issue may be due to a faulty charger. The light doesn’t turn on despite trying to charge, indicating that the charger has malfunctioned.

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Closely examine the cable

Besides being extremely portable, advanced, and sophisticated, the electronic equipment requires the users to handle it with care. Likewise, take a closer look at the power cable to inspect the following:-

  • If there are any signs of wear and tear. It can be in the form of a slight bend, or the wires have been exposed
  • If the cable has been damaged, don’t use it even for a second, as it needs an instant and immediate replacement.

Unblock the Airflow

Dyson vacuums are technically designed to safeguard themselves if large particles may damage the device. They automatically shut off when airflow blocks due to large objects, if unchecked, may even damage the device altogether.  

Let’s now take a look at the following considerations to unblock the airflow:-

Unplug the vacuum

  • If the Dyson Vacuum is heated, wait for it to cool down and look for the blockage. Specifically, look for blocks by removing the vacuum extensions in the form of a cleaner head.
  • Empty the waste collector and remove even the slightest signs of garbage, dust, or dirt to ensure its proper functioning
  • Put in place all the attachments back
  • Power the button to test it

Charge it again for 30 seconds.

There are times when Dyson, despite being fully charged, may show signs of having a drained battery. Don’t confuse yourself that it needs to be recharged when it just needs an instant push in the form of a “waking up.”

Follow the below steps to “wake up” the battery 

  • Charge the vacuum cleaner for roughly 30 seconds
  • After you unplug it, simply press the power button, as it usually works, much to your delight. Likewise, you have just found the solution to Dyson Vacuum Not Charging. If not, then read further.

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Clean the filter

Do you know that the filter is also prone to blockages? To address the Dyson Vacuum Not Charging issue, ensure that the vacuum cleaner can operate freely, so remove the filter from any debris and clean it to enhance its strength further.

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As a responsible and dutiful owner, you must know that the Dyson vacuum battery works best between 18 and 24 months. However, there are other considerations that adversely affect the battery to cut its life short:-

  • Never keep the battery plugged in
  • Never charge the battery in high temperature 

So, once you continue to report a shorter time duration of battery, you need to know that the time has come for you to get your battery replaced. Based on the model, if the vacuum cleaner has crossed the warranty period and to get a new battery, you need to spend $100 or more. 

What does the Red Light indicates in my Dyson Vacuum, as it is also not charging?

“Red” being a symbol of threat or danger implies that the battery is degraded, and that’s the reason it is not charging. Get it replaced with immediate effect.

What is the reason for the Dyson Vacuum not charging and no light?

Despite connecting the charger, if there is no light on the Dyson vacuum, the charger may not be correctly connected. Look at the charging cord that should be free from any damage, and the wall outlet switch should be turned on. You need to replace the charger as part of a solution to the problem.

What is the run time of the Dyson Vacuum Battery?

Dyson vacuum cleaners can be operated for between 40 and 60 minutes right in one go on being fully charged. If you operate in Max mode, it will drain quickly, though.

Clean the charging port

Another one of the reasons for the Dyson Vacuum Not Charging is the accumulation of dust and dirt in the charging port. It must be adequately cleaned since it sends power to the vacuum mainboard.

It is pronounced that it may get dirty over time due to constant usage. So the best you can do is to use a torch for a flashlight and inspect it, and with the help of a toothpick, simply remove any dust or debris present in such a delicate component.

You should know that it needs cautious handling, though. Now, insert the charger, and hopefully, it will be able to provide the solution to the primary query of Dyson Vacuum Not charging.

Dyson Vacuum Not Charging Professionalized Assistance

If you have tried and tested all the tips mentioned above but to no avail, as the Dyson Vacuum Not Charging issue persists, then look no further and take professionalized assistance. Get help from a certified assistant by contacting Dyson Customer Care.

After reading the Dyson Vacuum Not Charging tips, you can easily clean the mess created in your prized home or office or anywhere.

You are better positioned to find and replace a faulty wall outlet or charger. Similarly, a charging cord bent or develops wear and tear or a defective battery is to be changed. Besides being lightweight, Dyson Vacuum cleaners are highly portable.

Now you have the solution to the untimely or sudden issues arising from power loss due to the Dyson Vacuum Not Charging. If the vacuum cleaner needs a repair and is under a warranty period, then you can get repair free of charge. 

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