Dyson V8 Flashing Blue Light When Charging (Here is the fix)

Do you want to know why Dyson V8 Flashing Blue Light When Charging ? You have to read the article carefully then.

Ask the house owners about the most tiring and difficult task they consider in their house. Many of them will surely reply ‘cleaning the mess’. Now, given an easy, innovative, quick, and highly convenient solution, Dyson has made the cleaning chores a child’s play for sure.

Considering the technological invention, it is important to know about the device better and to know the significance of the Dyson v8 flashing blue light when charging.

The following post showcases the reasons for dyson V8 flashing blue light when charging

Dyson V8 Flashing Blue Light When Charging

In order to better understand the technicalities involving the specific light and their associated functions, it is important to know broad things about Dyson V8 regarding charging. It takes roughly 5.5 hours to charge fully.

It comes with 4600mAh battery capacity that has a run time of approximately 40 minutes. But, when you switch over to a high-performance mode, then it cuts time to just 5 minutes. It has a few indicative lights that flash based on the necessity and on completion of charging, the light stops to glow. You may also encounter an issue dyson vacuum not charging, you can quickly resolve this issue.

Dyson V8  has two light indicators that flash.

Following Are The Situations Where The Dyson V8 Flashing Blue Light When Charging

When the charging code is mismatched, it flashes a red light, as if it wants  to inform the users to set it right (since it is not charging in the process)

  • A blue light flashes as if to inform the users that it needs to be charged

Reset the Dyson Battery

In order to address the Dyson v8 flashing blue light when charging, a primary step is to reset the device. Here are the following steps:-

  • Unplug the charger from power, then plug it back
  • Connect the charger to Dyson V8
  • After that, simply ensure you hold the power button for as long as 20 seconds and release it
  • This is such a delight to the eyes, as the Dyson V8 battery has been reset. 

Assemble the components in a proper way

Dyson V8 Flashing Blue Light When Charging

A Dyson vacuum has an inbuilt structure that comprises various components in the form of a charger, trash, mob, pin, filter, etc The manufacturing makes it easy to detach and assemble for its smooth operations. However, while assembling,  ensure that the components in the form of filters are to be properly placed.

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Replace or clean the filter

The device works properly when it is cleaned and properly assembled. Likewise, Dyson v8 flashing blue light when charging may be due to a clogged filter. In v8 models they can be clogged from the inside. If you feel any chance that they can be cleaned, then the following steps will guide you:-

  • Detach the dush container and unscrew the screws marked on the filter
  • This will detach the filter, so clean them
  • Inspect the condition of the filter and look for signs of any blockage or possible wear and tear 
  • Now, assemble or attach the complete components in place and tighten the screws perfectly 

Replace them if you have been using for months together

Dyson V8 Flashing Blue Light When Charging

Similar to a walk in the park, it is easy to replace the filters based on their present conditions. If it has been many months, then don’t forget to get a new one to give further strength to the device which needs to be properly maintained.

Check the Charging Accessories

Dyson V8 Flashing Blue Light When Charging

Dyson v8 flashing blue light when charging may also be due to the faults that are revolving with the charging accessories. This is an indication, that Dyson is not able to charge properly as the continuous blinking is proof of the same. 

  • Inspect the charger of your machine. If it looks fine without any sign of wear and tear, then plug it firmly into the power outlet
  • Inspect the power outlet too. It should be delivering the required voltage for the device to charge. Many times, the problem of Dyson v8 flashing blue light when charging is due to not getting the required power, and so the device acts in a stubborn manner.

When should I replace the Dyson battery?

The batteries are an important constituent of any device. Based on the upkeep, care, and usage, you can accordingly decide their life. Dyson batteries have a 2-year warranty period including the device.

How long do the Dyson vacuum cleaners usually last?

Dyson is a renowned brand that has come up with durable products. In order to make it long-lasting, always use its normal mode. So, if you carefully handle and use the cleaner, then be assured that it can last for roughly 10 years based on the extent of care you maintain in the process.

Count the total red light blinks

If the device is not charging and you happen to see the blinking of red lights as many as 12 times then there are certain issues prevailing with the battery, and it is suggested that you need to recharge it. However, if you count the total blinks and it somewhere stands at 30 or so, then it is time to visit the service center and get it examined without any delay  

Replace the Battery

If you have come so far, but the issue of Dyson v8 flashing blue light when charging continues, then it is time for you to replace the battery. As a last resort, you can actually rely on fixing the problem. If it is in the warranty period, then you can get the benefit of battery replacement.

On the other hand, if the warranty period has surpassed. it is important to get the replacement from a Dyson Authorized service center under the guidance of professionals who are certified for the same. 

After reading the aforesaid post on the Dyson v8 flashing blue light when charging, you have got a series of troubleshooting methods. One thing is clear irrespective of the Dyson model you own, a blinking blue light during charging means that the process of charging is going normally.

However, when you are actually using it, and blue light blinks, then it means low on power. So, you need to charge it.

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I hope now you understand Dyson V8 Flashing Blue Light When Charging. If you still have any doubts then let us know in the comment box.

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