Apple Pencil Not Charging : Easy Fix For 1st or 2nd Generation

Are you looking for help on 1st or 2nd generation apple pencil not charging? Then you must check out the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the article.

apple pencil not charging

The simplicity of life is by making the best use of technology. Yes, I am talking about how you can save time and trouble with an Apple pencil. Those who have frequently been using the brand know how easy it is to draw and write notes on your iPad. It is also very convenient to sign documents, sketch your imagination, etc. 

Apple Pencil is categorized as 1st and 2nd Gen. Besides being visually different, they also have different charging methods. 

  • 1st generation apple pencil

It is charged by plugging into either the iPad lighting port or directly into the power socket with a special adapter. 

  • 2nd generation apple pencil

It speaks more of an advanced technological invention where it is charged wirelessly by attaching it to your iPad side.

However, considering the list of benefits associated, what if it isn’t charged anymore? Don’t worry. As you progress through the post, you know the causes and tips for an easy solution coming your way. 

What Are The Causes For Apple Pencil Is Not Charging?

apple pencil

The pencil can fail to charge due to the iPad’s software having an issue or the pencil’s hardware failing to deliver appropriately. Even using the wrong generation of pencils fails to be compatible with the iPad, too. 

Software Glitch In The iPad

Technology also brings with it software glitches due to bugs, which can hamper the communication between devices and Apple Pencil. Hence, you see the apple pencil isn’t charging. 

 Poor Port Connection

The 1st generation users may experience loose connection, or the lighting port needs cleaning, which hampers the connection to establish. 

Drained Battery

Your pencil may not charge due to the battery being drained. Or if the iPad experiences an improper battery level, thus it is unable to charge.

Deteriorating Battery

Every component has its life, and so is the case with the battery. When being used regularly over some time, its life automatically decreases. So the time comes when the battery can’t hold the charge any longer, as it is the end, and your pencil fails to charge.

How To Fix Apple Pencil Not Charging?

You need to undergo troubleshooting and check the possible tips that help you to fix the Apple pencil is not charging issue. Let’s take a look at the below steps:-

Restart Your iPad

restart ipad

Even as software bugs can create the issue of Apple Pencil is not charging, a simple restart can sometimes fix the Pencil. In this way, you can see your Pencil working to your happiness. Let’s follow the below steps:-

Long Press the “Power & Volume Up” and you will see the option of “Power Off Slider” within a few seconds. (In case your iPad has a HOME button, Press and hold the Power Button till you find that the slider appears)

If the ipad pro is itself not charging then check out how to fix ipad pro is not charging.

Check The Apple Pencil Charge Connection

While charging their Apple Pencil, many users don’t care about the actual placement of both devices. Be sensitized that both devices have to be at an even surface to continue with smooth connections. 

Charge The Pencil For Some Time.

If your Pencil hasn’t been used for some time, then the battery will likely be drained. Hence, it takes time for the iPad to show that it is charging. So, it is advised to charge it for 15 minutes to see your Pencil being charged actively. 

Clean The iPad Port And The Pencil Connector

apple pencil not charging

A room can collect dust quite visibly on the office table or almirah after a few days. Likewise, dust also accumulates on components in the form of an Apple Pencil connector, specifically in the iPad lightning port. So, clean the pencil connector gently with a soft cloth. To clean the iPad lightning port, use a soft brush or toothpick to remove the dust that is stuck like a sheet.  

Advice To Keep In Mind

It is essential to keep the iPad updated with the latest version of the iPad OSS since it helps remove bugs and quirks that can generate lots of problems otherwise. 

Apple Customer Support 

If you are still unable to find professional assistance through the above suggestions, then you can contact Apple support to fix your Apple Pencil. You can even visit the Apple store if you have any concerns or are afraid to do it by yourself. You can also reach the Apple support website if you need an Apple store nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Apple Pencil Not Charging?

There are many possibilities for Apple pencil won’t charge. If you have left your Pencil unused for a long time, even if it was charged before, the battery is going to be drained. It may also be dead altogether, and you need to get another one. 

But the best thing is that if your Pencil is under warranty, you can happily go to customer care to get a free replacement. You can also refer online to the Apple support community to know other possibilities if these do not work. 

How Do I Fix My Apple Pencil Not Charging Issue?

Restart your Bluetooth and repair your Apple Pencil. Now, be patient and charge the Apple Pencil. Remove bulky cases and clean the iPad and Apple pencil. It is essential to update your iPad or restart the one if needed. 

How Do I Force My Apple Pencil To Charge?

Software bugs act as one of the biggest hurdles that cause your Apple pencil to restart. Hence, considering the gravity of the problem, you need to force restart your device. In case you have a ‘Home Button’ on your iPad, you can hold it till the logo appears.

Follow the below steps:-

  • Press both the ‘Volume Up’ button and the ‘Volume Down Button’ once
  • Press and hold the ‘Top Button’ till you find an Apple Logo

Why Is My Pencil Not Charging Through The Case?

To ensure Apple pencil charge, there must be no material between the Pencil and the iPad. If your case obstructs the physical contact of the iPad and the Pencil, then the case is improper. Hence, it will fail to charge your Apple pencil. 

Finally, the post highlights tips for Apple pencils that are not chargeable. After all, the brand is known for delivering the best results, and as your Pencil is compatible with the iPad, then you continue to be a proud user. You can easily prepare hand-written notes to deliver the highest results. 

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